Hisae Ikenaga

Subtle Oblivion

Hisae Ikenaga presents a series of works made up from tubular metal chair fragments coming from a factory. Said fragments are accompanied by laminated plywood and various found objects. The union of all of these parts, recycled and merged, generate pieces which evoque the wooden laminated tubular furniture popular in the 1970s and that were part of the artist’s generation’s childhood and adolescence.

These works do not only refer to those years, they also allude to new production methods like the ready to assemble and the race to reduce costs to which we are subjected. Ikenaga, nevertheless, does not stop in this discourse and offers a twist by working on the recycling of recycling, transforming the low cost into unique objects, in works of art and thus depriving them of utility. The artist unfolds the pieces on the wall, making them lose their tridimensional state and transforming them in sleek works that reminisces those created by American Minimalists where -as surprising details, as subtle oblivion– everyday objects peek, all of them related to installation, exhibitions, and art collecting.

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